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Obtain Authorization as Supervisory User

As the Supervisory User, you are responsible for completing the remaining steps of the enrollment process. After you submit your Supervisory User Application Form, FinCEN will process your application and provide an e-mail confirmation to you with a confirmation link. Please click on this confirmation link within five calendar days to complete your account setup. The confirmation link will provide your BSA E-Filing login and connect you to the BSA E-Filing System in order to:

Please note, the application has assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) exclusively for your account. Please click on the Manage PIN link under Filing on the left hand portion of the application to retrieve your PIN. The PIN is necessary to digitally sign all FinCEN reports prior to submission. All filings need to be Signed, then Saved before the Submit button will be available.

When you have been authorized as
the Supervisory User, you have completed Step 3!


Continue this enrollment process by completing the remaining step:

Step 4: Download the Forms Reader


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